He is trying to find a new way to()a living. Which of the following is not correct?

Several languages are likely to die()

Heat causes the()of gas.

He is() at doing this kind of job.

Cycling is a good exercise.(), it doesn't pollute the air.

Speed limits should lead() fewer deaths on the roads.

The hospital is carrying()tests to find out what’s wrong with her.

Hello, I’m Harry Potter. Hello, my name is Charles Green, but().

Thank you for your help. ()

How are you,Bob?—greetings/How do you do?Hello!Hi!What’s up?()Ted

As there was a power failure in the hospital, the doctor had to ()operation.

Television keeps us informed about ()the latest developments in politics and science.

Such problem ()air, water, and noise pollutions are becoming more and more serious in some big cities.

I really hope that you will ()your trip to Canada and get back as soon as possible when people have to knowledge of the law.

He said that he was ()aware of the difficulty of being a father.

Problems may ()

The foreign guests said that they were very happy ()the great changes which had taken place in the village.

Having a good command of English is()an easy thing.

()your help, I could not have finished my work so early.

The manager of our company asked me if was possible for me to()the marketing plan within a week.

Not being able to speak English, they felt rather()in the USA.

We advised them to take a rest, but they ()on finishing the work.

The()into the fire accident was carried out by two policemen.

Tom succeeded in getting a()of $3,000 from the bank to buy a new house.

He was asked to speak louder()all the students in the classroom could hear him.

It()exactly thirty years since I graduated from college.

To be frank, ()is a great joy for me to win the prize.

I forgot ()an umbrella with me when I left home for work.

Johnson seldom tells his parents where he goes, ()?

()closed his eyes than the doorbell rang.

It is very important that enough money ()to fund the project.

My English teacher warned me()Chinese in the classroom.


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