After two months, he had()news of what she was doing in Tokyo.

The Queen of Heaven was so angry()she had Zhi Nu brought back to heaven.

The outside of our house was()painted blue.

()I tell you yesterday not to touch that dog!

Henry Ford was himself a()mechanic and could build a car with his own hands.

The girl()the bicycle is Jane.

His grandmother()born in France.

Can you divide 30()6, please?

As the ocean water changes to ice, it keeps the temperature()falling too far.

You must obtain()from the landowner to fish in this river.

It seemed as if all of a()the animal had smelt danger in the air.

She hardly ever eats () potatoes.

I()bacon and eggs every morning.

There was a house at()

The invention of chopsticks()the wisdom of Chinese ancient people.

I suggested()fishing.

Do not express shock for what you hear()matter how shocking it might seem.

When Americans take a break, they often head()their favorite vacation place.

I suggested()fishing.

Processed food and food ()contains chemicals and preservatives should be avoided.

—Shall I use your dictionary? —()

Tests provide grades, but they also let you know what you need to spend more time()and they help make your new knowledge permanent.

The good service at the hotel()the poor food to some extent

Even students of average()can be top students without additional work.

The portraits() look like them, but I was still unsure of my painting techniques.

Tom was sitting just()Jack and Jerry.

Make()use of your time in class.

The good service at the hotel()the poor food to some extent.

Niu Lang()his lonely and poor life with an old cow, his only friend.

A:Can I do anything for you? B:()

More than 30 years ago, ()that the region was rich in natural resources。

She walked into the room carefully because she () waking her husband up。


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