This is an old clock that is not only very beautiful but ().

The central purpose of management is () every action or decision help achieve a carefully chosen goal.

()astrology and alchemy may be regarded as fundamental aspects of thought is indicated by their apparent universality.

(),he had to leave school.

Certain layers of the atmosphere have special names ().

Love can () imperfection.

In a given month, Friday is the 21st day of the month. What day of the week was the 5th of the month? ()

Alberta () fourth in population among Canadian provinces.

We all gather facts and () conclusions, but we have very different styles of thinking.

Plants use the carbon, along with sunlight, for growth, and () oxygen into the atmosphere in a process known as photosynthesis.

If things are going badly, the optimist acts quickly, looking for () and forming a new plan of action.

Some people wait for () to come knocking. Some people sought it out.

He felt a bit () because her life seemed completely out of balance.

Purchasing the new production line will be a () deal for the corporation.

Scientists are () about the formation of coal.

If you do not know the subject, you will not understand what is said or written, even if English is your mother () what is said or written.

A green building is () to have reduced its environmental impact by 60% compared with an equivalent conventional building.

A professional degree will () an average annual income of about twice that of college graduates.

The waiters will refill your coffee cup several times for no extra().

The Atlantic hydrographic chart is being () continuously; even as we speak submarines are charting the Arctic basin under the ice.

The speaker is the person who () a speech transaction.

We go out for dinner a couple of times a month. Sometimes we () a movie.

It is possible to predict how much energy and water a building will consume, how much () will be needed

There is one suggestion that the footsteps of crowds walking the streets in major cities could () energy.

I believe in the () worth of the individual and in his right to hfe, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

1 () into the dark, sure that I would finally reach the hospital.

The first step is to () your problem and go to work on it.

() all we have learned from space flights, the moon is still a riddle from the distant past.

I was exhausted when I reached home, and I flung myself down on the front steps to ().

The bees()out o ftheir hive.

The Chinese nation has () significantly to the progress of human civilization.

German, spoken by just over 100 million people, is one of the world’s ten-largest languages ()population.